Being Open-Minded: What does it mean?

One of the principles we are faced with practicing in recovery is that of open-mindedness. What does that really mean? It means allowing ourselves to learn a new way of living. It means letting go of rigidity, resistance, and old ways of thinking. It is to accept that we don’t have all the answers and recognize a need for change. It means listening to others who just might have something to offer. It is to consider everything we hear as possible and make our own determinations without past judgements clouding our perceptions.

We can start anew. Life can, each day, be a clean sheet of paper ready to be written. We don’t have to be what we always were. We don’t have to stay stuck in the same patterns that have not been working for us. We can change our perceptions. We can learn a new way to live. Be open, listen intently, ask questions, and never stop learning. Nothing is set in stone.

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